We have created next generation technologies for use in drug discovery research. This innovative low-heat generating photoreactor allows for multiplex photoredox reactions, covalent labeling of biomolecules, and is compatible for use in living cells. Our revolutionary energy efficient heat sink technology provides an eco-friendly and low heat environment that sets a new standard for photochemistry.
Our BPR200 photoreactor provides a simple and efficient platform for array screening synthesis in medicinal chemistry and allows for multiple well plates for in-vitro cell labelling. The photoreactor has been engineered to provide uniform light penetration and equipped with temperature controlled sink plates to ensure that the reaction is performed at room temperature. The BPR200 also features various wavelength absorption capability for most common photocatalysts or photosensitizers. Additionally wavelengths of 365nm, 555nm and 660nm peak wavelength available as an optional feature.

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General Features

Innovation meets Versatility: BPR200 provides the following features
  • Sleek modular design
  • Bio-compatible Photoactivation
  • Interchangeable reactor plate
  • Mobile App Controlled and Bluetooth capability
  • Tunable Light Intensity
  • Self-Cooling Heat Sink
  • Ambient Temperature reaction environment
  • Reflective metal interior for optimal light distribution
  • Transparent tube racks for optimal light penetration
  • Comes standard with a 455 nm peak wavelength optimized for the latest research in light based Chemistry and Biology.

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Compatible With Live Cells

  • Perform photocatalytic chemistry on live cells
  • Compatible with all cell culture plate formats
  • Low heat generation preserves biology


  • Multiplex photoredox chemical reactions
  • Photo-induced biomolecule functionalization and labeling
  • Protein and in-vitro eukaryotic and prokaryotic cell labeling.
  • In-vivo mouse/tissue labeling and bacteria DNA extraction etc.

Covalent Labeling of Biomolecules

  • Covalently label biomolecules (e.g. protein, dna, metabolites)
  • Rapidly screen different photocatalytic labeling conditions.

Multiplex Photoredox Reactions

  • Array reactor for parallel synthesis
  • Rapidly run library photoredox synthesis
  • Tube rack holds up to 24 vials